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Montenegro, useful information for tourists


Capital: Podgorica
Language: Montenegrin
Embassy of Montenegro in Ukraine is absent

Montenegro - the perfect holiday destination. It offers both accommodation in luxury hotels and budget accommodation option. The proximity of the sea and mountains tourists have the opportunity to combine a beach holiday with an active pastime in the mountains, where you can go on foot, by bike or jeep, go caving, rafting, visit the national parks.
During the summer season from Kiev, Donetsk, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk in Tivat fly charters. Flight time - about 2.5 hours. By rail connections to Chop and then by bus to Budva. Summer organized charter bus trips to Budva from Lviv and Chop.
To visit Montenegro visa is not required. Ukrainian tourists can stay in the country up to 90 days within 180 days from the date of first entry. In this case, the passport must be valid for at least three months from the date of departure from Montenegro.
Feature: When traveling by bus or car will need a Hungarian transit visa.
In Montenegro allowed duty free import of 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco; 2 liters of wine or 1 liter of spirits; 50 ml or 250 ml perfume cologne.
Allowed to bring any amount of currency without the mandatory declaration and free export of currency of Montenegro is limited to 2 thousand. Euro.
When exporting larger amounts require their declaration and presentation of a declaration that the said amount of currency was previously imported into the country. In this case it is better to take a credit card.
The import of drugs, poisons, pesticides, psychotropic and explosives, unprocessed gold and coins, weapons and military ammunition (without special permission). Animals, plants, products of animal and plant origin can be imported only if the relevant certificates and permits Veterinary Service.
Can not be exported without a special permit objects of historical and artistic value.
Desired phone
Embassy of Ukraine in Montenegro in Podgorica: 382 (20) 22-75-21
Fire Service 123
Police 122
Ambulance 124
Reference to tourists in 1300
Exchange currency in Montenegro is possible in banks (most profitable), exchange offices, hotels. It is not necessary to change money on hand, so as not to spoil the holiday acquaintance with scammers.
The National Bank operates on weekdays from 10:30 to 14:00. Most commercial banks - from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00 on Saturdays - 13:00. In the center of Podgorica, as well as in resort areas, many currency exchange offices are open on weekends.
Credit cards Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, you can pay in many shops, hotels, restaurants and gas stations resort areas. The remaining cards are accepted in banks in Montenegro. You can withdraw cash from ATMs.
The use of traveler's checks is difficult practically throughout the country, with the exception of the resort areas. For their cashing charged interest.
In Montenegro, there is no domestic rail. The only operating line - from Bar in Serbian Belgrade through Podgorica, Kolasin, Mojkovac, Bijelo Polje. On passing train ticket purchase is quite difficult, so it is worth to reserve seats in advance. Most trains have compartments for smoking. Trains run along the route Bar - Bijelo Polje.
In the country can move on buses and minibuses. Stopovers are permitted, as well as a stop at the request of the voter on the sidelines.
In Podgorica bus line.
Year-round ferry service running from Bar to Bari (Italy), travel time - 10 hours.
On the Montenegrin coast can take boats and yachts for hire. Top of the bay with all amenities located in Ulcinj, Bar, Budva, Tivat, Kotor, Zelenika and Herceg Novi.
Taxis can be booked in advance - there are services call at the reception in the hotel. Filing a taxi will cost 0.5-1 euros plus 0.6-0.8 euros / km.
For registration required car hire driver's license of international standard. The driver must be over 21 years and have experience of driving at least two years. Most advantageous to take the car for a period of five days or more, usually required to leave a deposit of € 150-300. Cost of rent - from 40 euros per day.
Feature: In Montenegro, the mountain roads are narrow, many serpentine tunnels without lighting, so be careful and speed limits. The optimal choice - machines with a manual gearbox.
Most Montenegrin hotels are classified as 2 *, 3 *, 4 *, "fives" a bit and they are mainly concentrated in Sveti Stefan. Very popular accommodation in private villas, apartments, mini-hotels. Many villas offer breakfast. You can rent a house, many motels are ready to take avtoputeshestvennika. The country also has camping.
Mains voltage - 220V, frequency - 50 Hz. European type sockets.
In Montenegro, a very low crime rate. You can not worry about things forgotten on the beach, no one will take. In supermarkets, quietly leave things open cells for storage.
Tap water almost everywhere is clean, filtered through limestone mountains. But if you confuse a high calcium content, you can buy bottled water.
Smoking is prohibited in public places, including in the courts of educational and medical institutions, on any fenced areas, where the cultural and recreational activities.
When crossing the street a person should not be the headphones in my ears. Pedestrians moving on the road at night, must have a flashlight or wear clothing with reflective elements.
You can take pictures only in places where there is no prohibiting sign. Do not remove the transport infrastructure and energy, port facilities and military installations.
Local laws provide for very severe penalties for rudeness, threats and blackmail. In addition, the Montenegrin justice is very fast, and argue with him an alien is extremely difficult.
The country has many people know the Russian language, in English can only be explained in the main tourist centers.
The climate is temperate continental, in the mountains - Alpine, on the Adriatic coast - Mediterranean. In the coastal area of ​​summer is usually a long, hot and dry enough. The swimming season begins in May and lasts until the end of October. Summer sea temperature averages +25 ° C.
Average air temperature:
April +18 ° C
May +22 ° C
June +26 ° C
July +29 ° C
August +28 ° C
September +26 ° C
Shopping hours - from 9:00 to 20:00, food - from 6:00 to 20:00. During the summer tourist season of the food stores open until 23: 00-00: 00, some are open around the clock. Many shops close for siesta (from 13:00 to 17:00). The country can bring ceramic plates, national caps, homespun cloth with the national pattern, souvenirs made of shells, ships in bottles, local wine "Krstac" and "Vranac" grape vodka, olive oil.
Feature: Montenegro can not be considered as a country for shopping.
A wide variety of dishes in Montenegro due to the influence of Slavic, Hungarian, German, Turkish and Mediterranean traditions, so here is isolated central kitchen areas and coastal, which is quite different. For example, in mountainous areas preferred a simple dish of meat and vegetables, and on the coast in special honor fish and seafood. Are traditional Hungarian goulash, Turkish kebabs, Balkan burek - puff pie with cheese and meat. Very popular spicy braised river fish "alaska chorba" peppered minced meat "chevapchichi" ham "prosciutto", stuffed peppers, moussaka, cake with curd "gibanica". Actively used olive oil. Very tasty local cheeses. National drinks: "Lozovac" - brandy from grapes, "plum" - plum brandy, "kaysievacha" - brandy apricot, high-quality wine "Krstac" and "Vranac".
Feature: Food coastal cuisine go well with white wine, and mining - with red.
Hotels and restaurants include a mark-up for service in the Bill. Yet tipping - up to 10% of the cost of services.
In Montenegro, you can find a variety of beaches: sandy, pebble, rocky, concrete. There are comfortable and at the same time kept pristine, and there are wild. Many of them are located in secluded, closed against the wind and waves bay between steep cliffs. Artificial beaches - Tivat, Herceg Novi, Igalo and Bar. Stones and concrete slabs - common types of beaches in the Bay of Kotor.
All beaches in the country municipalities, but most of them are reserved for hotels. Entrance to the beach is free for hotel guests, but the beds and umbrellas are paid. In hotels 4-5 *, as a rule, beach equipment free of charge. All hotels sunbeds and umbrellas by the pool free of charge.
Adriatic Sea off the coast of Montenegro is very clean, clear water - 38-55 m deep. Nearly two dozen beaches in the country marked "blue flag".
Feature: The island Ada Bojana near Ulcinj is known as a nudist village.
Sightseeing tour of Montenegro; the cultural capital of the country Cetinje; Orthodox monastery of Ostrog; Kotor, Herceg Novi, Budva, Bar and Ulcinj interesting old town center. A trip to the canyons of the rivers Tara and Moraca take a whole day.
Montenegro offers tours in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Mostar, Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina), wet mountain (Serbia), Tirana (Albania).
In Montenegro, the mass of options active recreation: diving, rafting, windsurfing, water skiing, canyoning, climbing, caving, paragliding. In the mountains laid hiking trails. You can go for a walk on yachts, fishing, horseback riding and biking.
It is worth visiting the national parks Lovcen (in whose territory is also open Adventure Park), Skadar Lake, Durmitor, Biogradska mountain Prokletije.
Summer discos and open-air clubs, beach bars, organizing theme parties.

Time: 1:00 minus Kiev
Phone code: 382
Web: .ch
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Check-visa is not required
Food: The cost of a "model" dinner: 15 euros
Service: tip - 10% of the order